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Not sure where to go for help? Find answers to some common questions here!

Getting Started with Research

Are you getting started with your research or in need of a library research refresher? The guides below will help you with the entire process, from developing a good topic to giving credit to other authors for the materials you used to support your ideas. Take a look, and remember, if you need more help, Ask a Librarian!

Ten Reasons to Chat with a Librarian

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Chat with a Reference Librarian

  1. Because getting good grades is more likely when you chat with a librarian about your assignments and research.
  2. Because you’re tired of beating your head against the wall trying to find quality information.
  3. Because you don’t know where to start your research.
  4. Because you’re unsure what a scholarly journal article actually is.
  5. Because now that you know what a scholarly article is, the internet keeps wanting you to pay for them (Don’t do it! We’ll help you find it and not have to pay for it).
  6. Because you’ve never been asked to use APA or MLA citations and you need some help, for real.
  7. Because Netflix doesn’t stream the film you need to watch, so you need a reminder of how to have it delivered to Tomlinson Library through Inter-Library Loan (for free, of course).
  8. Because Tomlinson Library is a big space with hundreds of thousands of items, so let us help orient you to what you need.
  9. Because you’re going on a backpacking trip in the San Juan Mountains and need to find the specific topographic maps for that area.
  10. Because you need a break from your school work, so you'd like to rejuvenate your soul by watching or reading something light and entertaining. The librarians can make some recommendations for you (and you still don't have to pay for it, yay!).