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Not sure where to go for help? Find answers to some common questions here!

BONUS: 10 Tips from the IT Helpdesk That Will Save Your Life!

Ten Things Every Freshman Should Remember... A Love Letter to You from Your IT Help Desk Students

  1. Learn your MavZone username and password. You will need them. Consider creating a contact in your phone with that info.
  2. Check your university email. This is how CMU will communicate with you, including your professors. (You can sync your email to your smartphone/tablet’s native email app.)
  3. Learn your 700#. Find it by logging into MavZone >> Go to Student Academics tab >> View your concise student schedule - Your 700# is in the top right corner.
  4. Have your 700# and / or the last 4 of your social security number ready when you call the Help Desk (248-2111) so IT can verify who you are in order to help you. There are usually other people waiting in the phone queue behind you, so this saves time. IT cannot give anyone calling on your behalf your username, 700#, or password.
  5. Sign into MAVZone periodically. It's worth it. There’s nothing like needing immediate access to MAVZone and finding out that your password expired so long ago that you have to call us, wait in a queue, and have us reset the password. 
  6. IT is located on CMU's Main Campus, in Tomlinson Library 142, and is easy to find. Sometimes it’s easier and faster to solve the issue if you come see us instead of calling if you are on campus.
  7. The Help Desk can assist with your computer questions, MavZone access, and basic D2L questions, but not questions about financial aid or your classes. For other kinds of questions, the main school operator (248-1020) or one of the librarians at the Research Help Desk can help you figure out which department you need to reach. 
  8. You can submit a Help Desk Ticket if you need non-urgent assistance and don’t want to spend time waiting on the phone. Just log into MAVzone and click on the yellow Help Desk link at the bottom of the page, or click the yellow life-saver icon on any networked computer on campus.
  9. Email the answers to your security questions, along with your library card number, to a separate email account for safe keeping, or store them in your phone somewhere. Consider creating a cellphone contact called “*important CMU info” so it is right there at the top of your list. This is also a good place to keep your 700#.)
  10. Remember: If you need to do something IT-related, then chances are other students do, too. Meaning: Our phone can be pretty busy sometimes! We have how-tos searchable through the main CMU website to help you, and an FAQ, where you can find help with connecting your device to wifi, syncing email (iOS & Android), wireless printing (Mac & PC), connecting gaming devices to the network, and much more -- like how your F: drive and the H: drive work, info about computer labs, MavPrint and anything else IT-related.