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Student Workstudy Jobs in the Library: How to Apply: Student Employment

This guide is designed to help Colorado Mesa University students who have been awarded workstudy money by the Financial Aid Dept. apply for a job with the John U. Tomlinson Library.


The following is intended to help Colorado Mesa University students (who have been awarded either Workstudy money, or MavWorks money, by the Financial Aid Dept.) apply for a job in the John U. Tomlinson Library.  If you have not been awarded one of these two types of funding, we would be unable to pay you.

Go to the Library's website via   Follow the links under Student Information (left side of the screen) to the application form, fill it out, and press the submit button.    It will be sent to Kawna Safford and she will verify either your Workstudy, or your MavWorks, award.  

Assuming all checks out, your application will be shared with the other supervisors in the various areas around the library.  If interested, they will contact you and arrange for an interview.  

If you are hired, you will be required to set an appointment with Kawna Safford to complete the necessary paperwork prior to beginning work.   At that time, you will be required to bring in your Social Security card (a copy of the card is not acceptable).  Also, you will be required to sign up for direct deposit.    In order to do this, you will be required to bring a voided, blank, check with you.

 If you have any questions, please contact Kawna Safford at 970.248.1406.