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DRAFT - Upper Colorado River Basin Resource Guide: Yampa/White River

Sponsored by the The Water Center at Colorado Mesa University


Detailed map

  • Drainage Area: The Yampa/White River Basin covers ~ 10,500 square miles in northwest Colorado and south-central Wyoming
  • Length: Flows north from headwaters in Flat Top Mountains, then west to Steamboat/Craig, to confluence with Green River in Dinosaur National Monument
  • Largest cities/towns in the basin:
    • Steamboat Springs (pop. 10,402)
    • Craig (pop. 9,185)
  • Elevation: 12,350 ft to 5,000 ft
  • Land use: Agricultural, mining, recreation, tourism
  • Storage-Major reservoirs:
    • Stagecoach Reservoir - 33,275 ac-ft
    • Willow Creek Reservoir (Steamboat Lake) - 23,064 ac-ft
    • Taylor Draw Reservoir - 13,800 ac-ft
  • Major Exports from Basin:
    • Stillwater Ditch - 4,280 ac-ft (annual average diversion)

Sources: Yampa/White River Facts and Yampa/White/Green Basin Fact Sheet