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DRAFT - Upper Colorado River Basin Resource Guide: Dolores River

Sponsored by the The Water Center at Colorado Mesa University



Detailed map

  • Drainage Area:  10,169 square miles. 
  • Length: The San Juan/Dolores Basin is located in the southwest corner of Colorado.Major tributaries include San Miguel River, Animas River, and La Plata River.
  • Largest cities/towns in the basin:
    • Durango (pop. 15,213)
    • Cortex (pop. 8,328)
  • Elevation:
  • Land use: Agricultural, mining, recreation, tourism, retirement/second home
  • Storage-Major reservoirs:
    • McPhee Reservoir - 381,100 ac-ft
    • Vallecito Reservoir 129,700 ac-ft
    • Lemon Reservoir - 40,100 ac-ft
  • Major Exports from Basin:
    • San Juan Chama Project - 89,832 ac-ft (annual average diversion)

Sources: San Juan/Dolores River Facts and San Juan/Dolores/San Miguel Fact Sheet

Source: Colorado Geological Survey- Groundwater Atlas