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UNIV 101: First Year College Success

Library resources and services

Scavenger Hunt Directions & Help

Library Scavenger Hunt

Have fun getting to know your university library and its resources, services, and people! Your group leader will be texting your library instructor the selfies/pictures with labels and answers to complete the scavenger hunt. 

Complete the scavenger hunt by visiting each floor of the library and completing the tasks (listed below), meeting the staff, and asking questions when you need help.

  • Text selfies and pictures from the hunt to your library instructor’s text #   ______________________.
  • Label text pics and selfies with the location clearly (see the words in italics below) and provide answers to questions, as needed.
  • Selfies should include all group members.

 Take one selfie before you begin and include full names of group members for your instructors - (1 pt.)

1st Floor

Snap 3 Selfies:

  1) Research Help Desk - (2 pts.)

  2) Checkout & Reserves Desk - (2 pts.)

  3) IT Help Desk - (2 pts.)

At each help desk, introduce yourself, ask the staffer’s name, and ask what services they provide for students. Text the answers after each selfie.

Snap 3 Pictures: (hint: ask for the information you need for these at the appropriate desk :)

  Reference Collection - pick a reference book; use the KIC scanner next to the collection to scan a short article; send the pdf of the article to your Mavs email or save it directly to your phone from the scanner - text the pdf file - (2 pts.)

  24 hour study area - text answers: When is it open? How do you enter? - (2 pts.)

  Listening Room - text answers: Why are these special? What equipment do they have? - (2pts.)

2nd Floor – Snap 3 Selfies:

  Group Study Room – Try reserving a study room using the pad by the door – selfie in the room (more study rooms on the 1st & 3rd floors if you can’t find an empty one here!); text the process after the selfie, as you understand it, including what to do if the pad doesn’t work - (2 pts.)

  Instruction Classroom – rooms 212 and 231; find the one you did not have class in; selfie at the door with the room number plate; no text answer needed - (1 pt.)

  Juvenile Collection selfie with the sign; text answer: Why does the library have this collection? - (2 pts.)

3rd Floor – Snap 3 Selfies:

  Special Collections & Archives Desk (or the door/sign, if closed) – selfie with staffer or sign; text answer: what services/materials are here? - (2 pts.)

  Quiet Study Rooms choose 1 of 2 for selfie;no text answer, just quiet :) - (1 pt.)

  Main Stacks 3rd Floor find your book source (from class); selfie with your book; no text answer needed - (1 pt.)