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HIST 132: United States History II - Krch

Resources for researching biographical information about historical individuals underrepresented in the history books.

How to approach research

  1. Which individual have you chosen (or think you might choose) for your final paper?
  2. What are some key features or accomplishments of the individual you've chosen that might help you with your research final paper?
  3. Brainstorm some keywords and key phrases based on your topic and what you know about that individual's accomplishments that you can use when searching for sources. (Examples: "Iwo Jima", "Harlem Renaissance", "Native American", theatre, scientist, etc.)
  4. Which library and/or online resources will you try first to find your primary source?
  5. Which library resources will you try first to find your secondary sources?
  6. Try your keywords and key phrases in the catalog, database, or digital repository (online database of primary sources). Read the abstract, summary, or snippets from the document(s) or article(s) in your result list. How do you feel about the results? Do they seem relevant and useful for your topic?
  7. Can you use the facets (options) available to narrow down your results in a useful way? You can often narrow by subject, date of publication, etc.
  8. Try changing the keywords or key phrases. Do you get better or worse results with different keywords or key phrases?
  9. Try changing the database or digital repository. Do you get better or worse results using the same keywords or key phrases?
  10. What is challenging about finding your primary source and/or your secondary sources?
  11. Frustrated? Stuck? Email me or use the chat option on the library homepage to ask for help.