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HSCI 101: Introduction to Health Care Professions: Article Analysis Assignment

This library guide will help you locate information to complete your HSCI 101, Introduction to Health Care Professions, assignments.

Who, What, Where, When, How?

Important details

Who:  Who wrote the article?  Does he/she/they have credentials listed?  Who is the intended audience?  Who was the article written for?

What: What are the author(s) trying to say?  Can you find the thesis statement?

Where: What kind of publication was the article published in (a scholarly journal, a magazine to educate patients, a popular source for scientific information)?  Where was the research run and who does if impact?

When: Is your article recent? 

How: How did the author(s) acquire the information reported on?  Can the experiments be run again?  Can the information be found again?

Locating a Journal Article

Reliable sources for this assignment can be found in the following library databases.

Need help finding a topic?

If you can't think of a good topic, here are a few ideas:

  • Has your prof mentioned any current HSCI topics in class?
  • Check out topics in Opposing Viewpoints, a library database (look under the Browse heading).
  • Look through the Idea Generator.
  • Browse through the library database POV to come up with a topic.