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FYI: Freshman Year Initiative

Resources to accompany library FYI sessions, offered to new freshmen prior to the start of each fall semester.

FYI: Tomlinson Library & You

Welcome to Tomlinson Library -- your new "home away from home" on the Colorado Mesa University campus! We want you to feel comfortable here, as well as become familiar with navigating the resources we have to support you personally and with your new job as a full-time student juggling the responsibilities and activities that go with that.

Let's start with the personal so that you can dive into the library's resources in a meaningful way -- we always remember stuff that's important to us, right? We'll map them out on the board so that you can see where yours overlap or differ from your classmates' and show you how to break your main concern down into areas to explore further.

1) What are your biggest concerns and/or expectations about starting college?

  • What do you feel prepared for? What do you feel less prepared for? 
  • What are your goals for college? Are you worried about not having clear ones yet?
  • What's at stake?
  • What do you hope to be involved in at CMU? 

2) Choose ONE concern or expectation that really resonates with you to use in the search activity (yes, it's graded, so participate to get your points for class : )

  • Let's get acquainted with how to discover resources through the library home page (video below or demo)
  • Keywords are important!

3) Great! Now that you know how to do a basic search on your concern or expectation, you'll find the activity in a Google doc in the next tab -- be sure to submit when you finish!