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Early Start Program

Resources to accompany library ESP sessions, offered to new freshmen prior to the start of each fall semester.

Welcome to Tomlinson Library

Your new "home away from home" on the Colorado Mesa University campus! 

We want you to feel comfortable here as well as familiar with the resources we have to support you


the word research spelled out with letter art collage


You probably have some good experience doing research already, whether for schoolwork or your own personal concerns.  In this session, we hope to translate your previous experience into practice with academic research at CMU.

To warm up for this session, please reflect on the questions below 

  1. Think of a time when you looked for information to make a decision or to solve a problem. (Examples: buying a mountain bike, choosing a college).  How did you search?  What search tools did you use?  Who did you talk to?  
  2. Have you ever encountered unfamiliar information or an unfamiliar perspective in your research?
  3. How is academic research different from personal research?


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