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BUGB 401: International Business: Industry Analysis

Use this guide to help you discover library-related resources for your BUGB 401 course.

International Business Plan

International Busines Plan outline:

  • Canadian Bicycle Market -- overview of industry at national, state and local level
  • Assess Company situation  --  market share of MRP in Canadian market?
  • External industry audit  -- conduct a PESTLE analysis
    • Identify any Political  issues affecting the industry in this country?
    • Identify Economic  issues affecting new customers [now or future]
    • Impact of Social factors on industry and company
    • Impact of Technology on industry
    • Impact of Laws [present or future] on industry [positive or negative]
    • Impact of Ecological issues on business
    • Assess key trends in the industry?  How to capitalize on them?
  • Competitive analysis  --  fAnalyse competitors in the new market
    • Identify competitors [include online]
    • Competitive factors
    • Product position
  • Consumer target market 
    • Market segment
    • Target consumer market and characteristics
    • Market in chosen country?
  • Market Entry and Distribution Strategy
    • Market entry methods available
    • Illustrate competitors distribution
    • Your distribution to retailers / direct to consumer / intermediaries
    • Potential entry methods /  justify strategy using cost based analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Modifications to satisfy target needs
    • Marketing tools to reach target audience [goals / justify each tactic]
    • Pricing structure and currency conversion issues
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Key conclusions
    • Address 3 questions outlined by company



Business & Finance Databases

Setting up Google Scholar for Off-campus Access

Searching Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.  Tell Google Scholar you’re affiliated with Colorado Mesa and you’ll be linked to resources in our databases:

  1. To access Google Scholar, go to
  2. Within Google Scholar, click on the Settings link in the top right corner (near the fly-wheel icon)
  3. On the next Scholar Settings page, select Library links from the left-hand menu 
  4. Type “Colorado Mesa University” in the Show library access links search box 
  5. Check the box next to Colorado Mesa University—Full-text available
  6. Click Save to save this setting.

Google Scholar can be used to search on a topic, but it is especially effective for tracking down a specific article.  If the article is available in full text through the library databases, a link will be provided to the full text.  Google Scholar also tracks articles that have referenced a specific article and so can be used to follow a trail of scholarship on a topic. Under an article of interest, click on the “Cited by” link to see a list of the subsequent articles that have referenced it.