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ENGL 222: Mythology - Carlson: OER-Enabled Pedagogy

Find Here Student Work and Reflections

Pensive Athena detail, head and shoulders of Athena  University of Michigan Library Digital Collections.

The Reading of Myth 

Homer's Relevance 

To what extent do these epic poems continue to resonate with us today?

OER & Belonging

In a 45 to 60 second video, including at least three images, please share about the sense of belonging in this learning community

OER - Reading Reflections

Thoughts about the reading process with the Open Educational Resources for this class

Presentations on Appropriations

Final Reflections on Learning Collaborations

In a short film, from three to six minutes in length, incorporating at least three images, share your reflection on the collaborative learning experience, what you have learned through this contemporary novel, and offer a claim (and support) for or against the continuation of your novel in future learning communities.     

Weekly Reflections

Mobile Learning Prompts and Reflections on Appropriations

To the extent possible under law, Brooke Carlson has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to OER Enabled Pedagogy - Prompts and Reflections for Mythology