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ESSL 290: Science & the Media (Milestone)

This guide is intended to support students within the Science & the Media Milestone class, but can be generally useful to any student interested in exploring how (and how fairly) science is covered by and in the media.

Background Sources

Streaming Videos on...Stem Cell Research


Biotechnology at Work: Stem Cell Research​

Stem Cell Research and Aging

Genetics, Stem Cells, and Society: An Interview with Alan Trounson

Extracting Stem Cells from Blood

Streaming Videos...on Nanotechnology


Nanoparticles and Mega-fears: Debating the Risks of Nanotechnology

Making Stuff Smaller: Making Stuff, with David Pogue

Tomorrow's World: A Horizon Special

Future Technology: How Does That Work?

Nanos on the Inside: The Promise of Nanomedicine

Breaking the Wall of Traditional Electronics: How Embracing Disorder in Nanotechnology May Lead to Quantum Machines

Streaming Videos on...GMOs



The Seeds of a New Era

Genetically Modified Crops

Genetically Modified Plants

Genetically Modified Wheat

Application of Genetic Engineering to Food Production