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MASS 494: Advanced Theory and Research

Recommended Databases

The following databases are great for humanities, film, journalism, and other topics, and are a solid place to start your search. For help searching the databases, check out our Search Tips.

Using Google Scholar

A particularly useful research tool is Google Scholar. Google Scholar is especially helpful if you know the name of an article you'd like to find or if you have one very relevant article and you'd like to find more; just copy and paste the article name into the Google Scholar search bar. 

screenshot of Google Scholar result of an article titled "(Un)Just transitions and Black dispossession: The disposabilityof Caribbean 'refugees' and the political economy of climate justice". To the right of the article title, the "full view" hyperlink is highlighted in yellow. Beneath the article information is "cited by 11" and "related articles," both highlighted in yellowFrom there you should see the original article (if available); you can also select Cited By to get a list of all other articles that have referenced this article or select Related Articles to find articles on similar topics. Articles can be accessed by clicking the links on the right.