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OER@CMU: Open Educational Resources: Adopt

This guide is designed to help CMU faculty find, create, and incorporate open educational resources (OERs) for classes, text development, professional development, and more!

PCC Adoption Steps


  1. Explore the Colorado Department of Higher Education's OER Referatory to learn about the open resources being used in Colorado by grantees and others.
  2. Use the OER Adoption Calculator to gain a sense of the financial impact that adopting OER could have. 
  3. Submit your adoption to a repository like the Referatory, OpenStax, or the Open Textbook Network.
  4. Work with the CMU bookstore to offer optional printed copies of your open materials. 
  5. Contact Educational Access Services to request an an accessibility evaluation of the materials or to request technical assistance. You can call (970) 248-1856 or email
  6. Consider notifying your program head as well as your department head.
  7. Talk to your colleagues about your OER experiences. Consider presenting to your program, department, and beyond.