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Spanish Language Resources


Language acquisition is tough -- especially getting enough speaking practice in. Here are few ways to get in more practice. 

  • Pimsleur Audio -- available on Overdrive -- you just need your library card (the 408 number on your MavCard) --five levels of Spanish, all audio -- so good listening and speaking
  • Carry a notebook when you're having a conversation -- a good way to write phrases and words you don't know so you can look them up later
  • Connect with other language learners -- those who are native speakers and learning another language usually know the challenges and can help
  • Read aloud -- take a look at a daily Spanish newspaper or a short story. Read it out loud and you'll be practicing correct Spanish. 
  • Change the language setting on your devices -- phone, tablet, social media
  • Listen to Spanish podcasts -- find one about a topic you already know or choose something completely new
  • Shop at a market where employees speak Spanish. Ask -- in Spanish-- when you can't find something.