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Best Practices for LibGuides

Things to consider

General Tips

  • Don't copy and paste (or drag and drop) images.
  • Use the Image Manager Folder 
    • You have a Personal Library as well as a Shared Library.
    • Keep these libraries organized as you would your own files. 
  • Name your image for accessibility and ease of use.
  • Supported file formats: 
    • PNG (transparent backgrounds)
    • GIF


  • Adjust the size of an image using the percentage not a ratio
    • width can be any number (as a percentage)
    • height should always be 100%
    • ignore the preview
  • You can add a border
    • creates a frame around the image
  • Horizontal (HSpace) or Vertical (VSpace)
    • creates elbow room between text and image
  • Alignment 
    • Images can be left or right justified -- can help with text wrapping around or next to an image. 
  • To wrap text around an image: 
    • Select alignment and assign a value for the H and VSpace options. 



SpringShare Help:

Two LibGuides of Help: 

  • A simplified step-by-step guide by BYU Library: How to Add Images
  • A plethora of sources for images by Montana State University Billings Library: Images