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ESSL 290 - Life and Literature of Southwest Colorado - Claridge & Malloy

This guide includes resources that could be helpful in researching the literature, history, and ecology of Western Colorado

Resources on the Literature & Landscape of Western Colorado

Finding Historical Sources



To find primary sources at CMU (or Prospector or Worldcat libraries) you can add the word sources to your search.

For example:  ute and sources

You can also add "type" words to your search, for primary sources of different types. 

For example: ranch life and personal narratives.  

Words that describe primary source types include:

  • diary, diaries
  • letters
  • correspondence
  • papers
  • documents
  • documentary
  • memoirs
  • personal narratives
  • speeches
  • sources

Finding Sources for Ecology and Environmental Science 

Digital collections

Academic Journal Databases



To find government reports, include the agency name in your search, for example forest service and uncompahgre.

To find environmental impact statements, include that phrase with a location keyword, for example environmental impact statement and uinta.