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AGRS 105: Animal Science

Fundamentals of livestock production.

Fairly Traditional, Slide-Based Tools

  • Prezi -- a multimedia-friendly, 3D presentation tool -- remember to sign up for an educational account with your CMU email address!
  • HaikuDeck -- an app for IPad that can be exported to Keynote or PowerPoint (but doesn't support sound, animation, or transitions)
  • SoftMaker Presentations Mobile -- this one's for Android, but is very similar to PowerPoint
  • Google Slides -- Addicted to Google? Add this product into your repertoire
  • Empressr -- online presentation creation & sharing tool, enables embedded video and slides can be embedded anywhere
  • Keynote -- Mac user? This should have come with your MacBook or iPad as part of iWork-- why not use it?
  • PreZentit -- all you need is a web browser -- it's not flashy, but it'll get the job done, it's free, and can be downloaded for offline presentation
  • Brainshark (and it's mobile app Slideshark) -- can convert an existing PowerPoint to an online video -- a good option for you online students?
  • Screencast-O-Matic -- turn your PowerPoint into a screencast, then share it on YouTube, your/a website, and more
  • Flair -- NOT FREE - but does build exciting Flash-based presentations for comprehensive educational simulations
  • SlideSnack -- upload your presentation as a PDF and record it as a slidecast