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ENGL 150: Introduction to Literature

Study of major genres of literature.

Literary History Sources

Use the search box below to find in-depth analysis of literary movements and literary history.  Examples: The Beat GenerationBrazilian LiteratureBloomsburyAmerican Transcendentalism.

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When searching for books concerning literary history, movements or philosophies, the following search phrases may be helpful:

"literary history" - Add this phrase to a search on a topic or place.  For example: Africa literary history

"history and criticism" - Add this phrase to a search on a particular type of literature.  For example: science fiction history and criticism

"in literature" - Add this phrase to a search on a topic or place to find books about its treatment in literature.  For example: Russia in literature OR poverty in literature

"intellectual life" - Add this phrase to a search to find information about the intellectual life or culture in a particular place and time or among a particular group of people.   For example: Bloomsbury intellectual life

"sources" - Add the word sources to a search to find information on the events, philosophy, or literature that helped inform or influence an author, a period of literature, or a particular work of literature.  For example: Herman Melville sources OR Hamlet sources