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ENGL 112: English Composition - Hancock

Articles considering QAnon - From a range of sources

Locked, professionally-written encyclopedia entry on QAnon, with 181 footnotes and additional sources

"What is QAnon? How the conspiracy theory gained traction in 2020 campaign"

An in-depth story on the PBS News Hour program concerning the origins and development of QAnon

"What is QAnon and why does it matter?"

From the LDS conservative newspaper Deseret News

"The Prophecies of Q: American Conspiracy Theories Are Entering a Dangerous New Phase"

From The Atlantic Monthly magazine

"How QAnon rode the pandemic to new heights — and fueled the viral anti-mask phenomenon"

From NBC News

"QAnon Booms on Facebook as Conspiracy Group Gains Mainstream Traction

From the respected conservative newspaper The Wall Street Journal

"How the Wayfair child sex-trafficking conspiracy theory went viral"

From the Poyntner Institute's Politifact fact-checking site