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ENGL 222: Mythology: Getting Started

Basic myths of the Greeks and Romans, the cultures that produced them and/ or the Northern and Medieval myths of Europe, their backgrounds in classical culture and native folklore.

Enough Info?

To test a topic try a quick search of Reference Resources and the Books & Articles search to the right.

Marble head of a woman from the archaic temple of Artemis - British Museum

Finding the Right Words

When searching for this class, it might be helpful to include the words "myth" or "mythology" in your search.  For example, muses and mythology. Otherwise, you may get material concerning something named after the myth or mythical figure but otherwise unrelated. 

Likewise, If searching a god or goddess, you might add the words "and deity" after the name, to focus on material concerning that figure.  For example, Artemis and Greek deity. 

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