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Developing a Research Topic

A process, not a choice

Why Should I Watch These?

Too Big?

When you tested your topic the first time using library resources, did you "drown" in results? Did you get the feeling that you could write a book about it...or actually find books that cover your topic? Think: "Global Warming." The best two and a half minutes you will spend today could be watching the first video, which will remind you to use "journalism" questions (who? what kind? where? when? how?) to begin thinking about facets of your topic that may lead you to an interesting question to explore in detail.

Too Small?

Or, maybe you had the opposite experience and couldn't find anything on your (very specific) topic idea. Think: "How has the average winter temperature changed in Mesa County in the last 50 years?" The second short video focuses on strategies to help you look at your idea in a slightly more general way, or turn a question with a "google-able" answer into one you can research for your project.