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BIOL 336: Fish Biology

This guide gives suggestions for working through the research process in BIOL 336 with Dr. Hansen. You'll find hints on the basics of conducting research in the world of fish biology.

Citation Resources

The citation style and style guide you will be using for this class is the American Fisheries Society Publication Style. Please use this guide or your D2L guide to help you accurately cite, format, and label your research papers. Reach out to a librarian in you have any questions.

Research is, in effect, building on the ideas of others. It helps you grow as a researcher to acknowledge what other researchers have contributed. By learning from others, you can be more informed, and it fosters academic collegiality where you get to be part of the conversation. Citing the sources that you use is an important part of academia and being a professional in your field.

If you need help writing or formatting your paper, we recommend visiting the Writing Center on the 3rd floor of the library.