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1896 Greek Dance Photograph

Image of Ruth St. Denis in a Greek dance from 1896

Ruth St. Denis in a Greek dance, 1896

(Image from the New York Public Library Digital Collections)

Where Do I Start?

The first place to start is usually the main search box at the Tomlinson Library Home Page. From the search box, you can use the "Books & Media"  tab to look for books and DVDs, or, the "Articles" tab to find magazine or journal articles about a particular topic.  If you want to find out if we have a particular magazine such as "Dance Magazine" use the "Journal Titles" search tab. To search both books and articles at the same time, use the "One Search" tab.

Dance Resources

The library has many resources which can be helpful for dance research.

  Books -- The library has nearly 500 books on dance, mostly located in the GV 1580s and onward.
  Magazines and Journals -- The library has both print and oniine magazines and journals relating to dance.
  DVDs and Videocassettes -- The library has over 150 DVDs and videos relating to dance.
  Sound Recordings -- The library has over 5,000 cds and nearly 3,000 phonograph records.
  Prospector -- Through Prospector about 50,000dance-related titles are available.

Use the tabs above to explore in more detail how to find dance materials.

In addition, the library Research Help Desk can help you find materials, or for a quick answer, just use the chat box on the right hand column of this page.

Reference Librarian

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Jamie Walker
John U. Tomlinson Library, L226

Library Chat Box

At any time during your research if you need help, you can ask a professional librarian for assistance while you are online.  Just use the chat box above. This chat box is on every page of this guide, and also the library home page.  You can also check out the "Need Help?" tab above for other ways to contact us for help.