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PHIL 110: Introduction to Philosophy


Now, do a search on philosophy and your major, e.g., “philosophy and nursing.” You may have to use terms related to your major if you get no or few results. If you are undeclared, then use a subject in which you are interested, e.g., “philosophy and sex.” Here you need to find one relevant academic book and two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. Take notes, as you will need this information for your write-up, including the bibliographic information.

Finding Articles Applying Philosophy to Your Major or a Topic of Interest

Search the databases below by pairing the word philosophy with your major or a topic of interest.  This search will bring up scholarly journal articles on philosophy around a topic or within your field.  

Some examplesPhilosophy and Nursing, Philosophy and Music, Philosophy and nature, Philosophy and sex

Inter-library Loan

Why limit your options?

If the CMU Library does not have what you need, the Inter-Library Loan Department obtains articles, borrows books, music, movies, or documentaries for you.  It's fast, easy and free! Place a new request or check on the status of an existing request through ILLIAD.