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Information and resources for navigating academic copyright issues.

Why should I care about copyright?

1. Failure to follow proper copyright guidelines could expose you and the university to costly litigation.

2. While copyright law has gotten more complex, there are many tools and resources to make compliance easier.

3. Showing a "good faith" effort to follow copyright rules is vital to protect you from copyright suits.


US Copyright Office "A crucial function of the Copyright Act, and one of the principles underlying copyright, is to help equalize the bargaining leverage among the three groups. If copyright owners' (most often the publishers) rights were too strong or unlimited, authors and creators might be little rewarded for their efforts, and public access could be inhibited through monopoly pricing or other monopoly-like practices."

Henderson, C. (2017)  Libraries as Creatures of Copyright:Why Librarians Care about Intellectual Property Law and Policy. American Library Association.


Copyright Resources