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ENGL 111: English Composition - McCormick

This guide has suggestions for conducting research for your second paper.

Developing a topic IS Research!

Don't be Jenny!

  • Think about your first idea as a place to start -- not as your final question or statement
  • Check your assignment for types and number of sources required
  • Explore! Learn about your idea, read more than you have to, discover aspects that lead you closer to a question or statement that fits the size/scope of your project
  • Test your developing idea by searching for resources that meet your assignment guidelines
  • Narrow or broaden your focus depending upon your results
  • Repeat until you get the quality and quantity of resources that don't "drown" you, but help you to cover your particular focus thoroughly
  • Write!
  • Gather any final supporting sources you may need
  • Revise! (with help, as needed)

The Research Cycle at a Glance