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Nursing Resources

Journal Article Resources for Nursing

To find scholarly journal articles:

  • Browse issues of print or electronic journals to see what's been published on your topic
  • Search article indexes/databases
  • Mine book and article (etc.) bibliographies


To search databases effectively:

  • Read database descriptions to find the one(s) most likely to have the information you need
  • Brainstorm a list of keywords and synonyms to try in searches
  • Use the database's thesaurus or list of subject headings to find the best search terms for your topic
  • Start broad, then filter
  • Try, try again:  different database, keyword(s), search field(s)

Article indexes:  These databases each provide citations for articles published in a select group of journals (title list varies by database).  Some citations will have full-text articles attached (which are indicated by PDF icons/links or HTML icons/links).  However, rarely will databases include full text for every article.  Top article databases for CMU's Nursing students include:

Digital article collection:  This is a digital library of full-text journals direct from the publisher (Elsevier).

Specialized resources:  These databases index specific types of information that is unique to them (they do not index journal articles).

  • PsycINFO: Provides descriptions of and access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments.
  • Cochrane Library, Evidence Based Medicine: Systematic reviews published by Cochrane, as well as review protocols and editorials.
  • Up-to-Date: Full-text resource for peer reviewed and graded evidence-based recommendations for quality patient care and treatment that can be used by healthcare practitioners in making point-of-care decisions. DUE TO LICENSING LIMITATIONS, THIS RESOURCE IS LIMITED TO STUDENTS ENROLLED IN NURSING COURSES AND NURSING FACULTY.
If you find a citation for an article that doesn’t have (free) full text attached, search for the journal title in CMU's Journal Finder search tool to see if we subscribe to the journal in print or in electronic format.  If not, you can request the article through interlibrary loan.