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MARK 396: Special Topic - Business & Big Data

Who You Gonna Call?

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Laureen Cantwell
Laureen Cantwell
Head of Access Services & Outreach
Tomlinson Library

Liaison to: all Business, WCCC, and Mass Comm programs
Skype Contact: poetbrarian

What's This Guide Good For?

The goals of this guide are few:

  • To provide you with a bit of information on what "big data" is and why it's important in today's world;
  • To provide you with a wealth of links to freely-accessible big data datasets; and
  • To provide you with examples of how big data can be applied in academic, and professional, settings.

We hope that you'll be able to:

  • Summarize what big data is,
  • Describe the value of big data,
  • Find, select, and use big data sources for analysis