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Finding Academic Sources


Academic research is an aspect of university life that is expected but sometimes isn't fully explained. This guide concerns the idea of "Academic Sources" - What they are, where you find them, and how you use them. This guide was developed by the Instruction Team at Tomlinson Library to help you answer those questions as well as others you might have.

This guide is designed to be followed sequentially using the navigation tabs at the left of the screen (at the top of the screen in mobile displays) or the navigation links at the bottom of each page. However if there is a specific topic that you wish to explore on its own, you're welcome to jump directly there. Some pages have short activities associated with them. They are constructed in such a way that invites you to spend some time either reflecting on or practicing the concept laid out on that particular page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us using any of the methods on the "Need Help?" tab at the end of the navigation tabs.