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KINE 342 - Sport Law and Risk Management

This research guide is designed for KINE 342 - Sport Law and Risk Management in particular as well as for legal research in general.

Legal Citation Examples


175 ALR 683                         American Law Reports Annotated. 1st series                             


98 ALR2d 349                      American Law Reports Annotated 2nd Series                        

50 ALR3d 716                      American Law Reports Annotated. 3rd series                

47 ALR4th 262                     American Law Reports Annotated. 4th series (Storage KF 132 A5126)                  

39 ALR5th 283                     American Law Reports Annotated. 5th series (Storage KF 132 A51284)

AmJur2d                               American Jurispurdence. 2nd series  (KF 154 A43)

10th Cir. 1995                        United States Court of Appeals ____ Circuit

83 Colo. 43                           Colorado Reports  (Ref KFC 1845 A2)

262 P. 907                            Colorado Reports   (citation from Pacific Reporter ed.) (Ref KFC1845 A2)

622 P.2d 571                        Colorado Reporter  (Pacific Reporter, 2nd series) (Ref KFC 1847 C65)

40 Led 188                           United States Supreme Court Reports. Lawyers Ed. (Storage KF 101 U584)

28 L.Ed.2d 484                     United States Supreme Court Reports. Lawyers Ed. 2nd ser. (Storage KF 101 U586)

90 Stat. 2598                       U.S. Statutes at Large  (Ref GovDoc AE 2.111:(congress))

499 U.S. 380                        United States Reports  (Ref GovDoc JU 6.8:)

28 USCS § 1291                  United States Code Service  (Ref KF 62 1972 L38)

C.R.S. 2018 § 12-29.7         Colorado Revised Statutes  (Ref KFC 1829 C65 (year))