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FLAS 304: Advanced Oral Production & Composition

This guide will help with research for many of the course assignments,

Researching historical and cultural contexts in Spanish-speaking countries

Find here background sources, documentaries, books & scholarly articles





   Street, Grenada  Hendrik Glintenkamp, Smithsonian 

Best Bests for Journal Articles

Find Books & Ebooks at the Library


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Films on Demand Streaming Video Collection

From Films for the Humanities and Sciences, the Films on Demand streaming video collection includes titles covering historical context and social and cultural movements.

Google and Google Scholar

Searching Google and Google Scholar in Spanish is a good way to return search results in the language. Another option is to limit a search by a country domain. For example, the country code for Mexico is mx. Include the word site and a colon (:) and then the country code. (Other country codes can be found here.) The Google search would look like this 

Google with Mexico's country code

Also, make sure to connect your personal device to the CMU Tomlinson Library. To do so, go to 
1. Google Scholar
2. Click on the three lines in the upper left hand corner
3. Click Settings
4. Click Library Links
5. Type in Colorado Mesa University Library -- at some point this will pop up
6. Click the box and save