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US Civil War and Slavery Primary Sources

Primary sources located in Tomlinson Library Special Collections & Archives and freely available online

Primary Sources at CMU

Blair, Austin. National Finances. 1868 March 21. US House of Representatives.

Butler, Benjamin F. The Status of the Insurgent States, upon the Cessation of Hostilities. 1866 April 11. Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Fessenden, W. P. The Resolution Relating to the Admission of Senators and Representatives from the Confederate States. 1866 February 23. US Senate.

Hayes, Philip C. Shall We Pay Southern War Claims? 1878 May 1. US House of Representatives.

Trumbull, Lyman. Freedmen’s Bureau – Veto Message. 1866 February 20. US Senate.

Williams, Thomas. The Reconstruction of the Union. 1866 February 10. US House of Representatives.

Wright, H. B. Mr. Vallandigham, on Peace Resolutions Offered by the Latter Gentleman. 1868 January 14. US House of Representatives.

Protection of Life, etc., at the South. Report on the Senate consideration of Sherman’s proposed resolution. 1871 March 31.

Report of Committee. Executive Council on Revision of Record. New Hampshire Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion.  Manchester, NH: John B. Clarke, Public Printer, 1889.

Report of Lieutenant General U.S. Grant, of the Armies of the United States – 1864-1865. Washington, DC: Headquarters of the Armies of the United States. 1865 July 22.

Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction. US Senate and House of Representatives. 1865 December 13.

Vindication of Judge Advocate General Holt, from the Foul Slanders of Traitors, their Aiders, Abettors, and Sympathizers, Acting in the Interest of Jefferson Davis. 1866 September 4. (Depositions of Congressional members and the Secretary of War.)

Pingree, Samuel E. An Oration before the Re-Union Society of Vermont Officers. Montpelier, VT: Polands’ Steam Printing Establishment. 1872 November 7.

Society of Michigan, New York State Veterans: 1861-1865. 1886 May 1. (Organizational meeting for the society.  “Total number of men furnished – 467,047.”)

Bullock, Alex. H. Abraham Lincoln: The Just Magistrate, the Representative Statesman, the Practical Philanthropist. Worcester, MA: Charles Hamilton, Palladium Office. 1865 June 1. (Eulogy before City Council and citizens of Worcester, MA.)

Dixie Chapter. Anderson, SC: Daughters of the Confederacy. (Society organized 1900 May 14. Publication to collect and preserve records of “the Confederate War not elsewhere chronicled.”)

General Grant at the Tomb of Abraham Lincoln. Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois. New York, NY: Currier & Ives, 1868.

New York Herald, 1865 April 15. (Four pages including front page “Extra: Death of the President.”)

Proceedings of a Board of Army Officers in the Case of Fitz-John Porter. Vol. 3. 1878 April 12.

Benedict, George Grenville. An Oration before the Re-Union Society of Vermont Officers. 1882 November 2. Montpelier, VT: Watchman and Journal Press, 1882.

Hanaford, P. A. Our Martyred President. Boston, MA: B. B. Russell, 1865.


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