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Sharing Library Resources In D2L

This guide provides techniques and tools for sharing content from some of our databases.

Adding Library Links to D2L, Web Sites & Syllabi

When a link to a library resource is added to a D2L course, syllabi or reading list, it needs to begin with the CMU proxy prefix followed by a stable URL (or permalink) in order for students to gain access from off-campus.

What is a proxy?

When a user searches library resources and finds e-content they would like to access, our proxy (EZ Proxy) authenticates them by presenting the MAVzone login prompt, then passes their request on to the publisher with EZ Proxy's IP address instead of the user's IP address; thus called a proxy. When the publisher confirms that the user is coming from a known IP address, they are provided access to the content.

What is our proxy prefix?

Here is the CMU EZ Proxy prefix added to a JSTOR stable URL (the highlighted part is the proxy prefix):

What is a permalink or stable URL?

A permalink (also called a persistent link or stable URL) is a URL that is intended to remain unchanged and less susceptible to resulting in a broken link. It is designed to provide access to an online article, database, streaming video or saved search.  

How is a permalink different from the URL in the address bar at the top of the browser?

The URL in the address bar may not have all of the information needed to work later which will result in broken links.

Can I upload PDFs of library articles to my D2L courses?

Permalinks should be used instead of PDFs for copyright compliance. Content in databases constantly changes, which will result in losing copyright permission to certain publishers. A permalink ensures accurate licensing and access to the content. 

How do I find the permalink or persistent link?

Many databases will provide permalinks to their content (articles, streaming video). See the tabs to the left to help locate permalinks in some of the databases. Unfortunately, not all databases provide permalinks, so if you have any questions or need help, please contact Tracie Seurer.