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Sharing Library Resources In D2L

This guide provides techniques and tools for sharing content from some of our databases.

Streaming Video

Searching Available Streaming Video Entitlements 

The library owns the following streaming video collections that can be shown in class or embedded in D2L. Each streaming video database supports simultaneous usage on all films so multiple users can access the same film on their own devices at the same time. 

Database Access URL Description
Education in Video

Streaming video for teacher training and professional development. 

Films on Demand Searchable collection of streaming videos, educational films, and video segments in the humanities & social sciences, science and math, business and health and medicine.
Kanopy Kanopy is a growing collection of titles purchased by CMU faculty & staff. Kanopy offers movies, documentaries, foreign films, and classic and independent films. 

Searching for Streaming Video to Purchase (Single Titles)

The library has many options for purchasing single title streaming video that can be embedded in D2L or shown in class. You can search for streaming video from our licensed publishers below. Here are some things to consider:

  • Streaming video is not owned (like a DVD), but licensed for 1-3 years depending on the lending model. 
  • There are hundreds of streaming video available from Swank that can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. Select Request this Item to borrow through Prospector.
  • Reach out to your subject librarian if you are interested in purchasing streaming video for your classroom. 
Streaming Video/Film Publishers Where to Search for Titles to Purchase Lending Models

Alexander Street Video

Search almost 90,000 titles which span a wide range of subject areas.

Alexander Street Store

*Provides short video previews.

1 yr license

3 yr license

Perpetual access license

For $ click on title & “get full access”

Unlimited access

Simultaneous users


Streaming of essential independent, social-issue and environmental films from renowned documentary film distributors to colleges and universities.

Docuseek Browse Films

*Register to preview titles. After selecting Colorado Mesa University as your institution, you will be prompted to accept a Digital Rights License Agreement.

1 yr license $175

3 yr license $225

Life of file license $337

Unlimited access

Simultaneous users


Award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases

Kanopy Catalog

1 yr license $150

3 yr license $350

Unlimited access

Simultaneous users


Offers box-office hits, independent features, documentaries and more. 


Swank Digital Campus

*Provides video trailers

*There are hundreds of streaming video available from Swank that are owned by other libraries and can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. From the list, select Request this item to borrow through Prospector. After 21 days, the video will automatically expire and be removed from Swank Digital Campus. 

Semester license (5 months) $150

1 yr license $250

We pick start date & end dates rounded to expire at end of month

Unlimited access

Simultaneous users

Option to Interlibrary Loan 

1. Go to the D2L content page where you want to embed your video, and click Edit HTML in the drop-down menu.

2. Click on the icon to the farthest left, Insert Stuff

3. Scroll down to select Films on Demand, then search for the video in the search box. 

Step 3 Video

4. You can filter your results by subject, type, producer, language...etc. 

Step 4 video

5. You can preview the videos in the same box. When you are ready, select Embed and select the size. 

6. If prompted, select Allow to unblock the content.

Step 6 Video

7. Select Insert to embed the video into your course. 

Step 7

8. The video thumbnail will appear in D2L.

Step 8 video

To link to a film in Films on Demand

1. Go to Films on Demand. Find the video you want, and click on the Share link.

Linking to Films On Demand 1

2. Select the Embed/Link tab and copy the Record URL with the CMU proxy prefix.

Linking to Films On Demand 2

3. Go to the D2L content page where you want to link your video, and select Insert Quicklink.

4. Enter URL and Title and click Insert

enter URL and title

To link or embed film in Education in Video

1. From the video record, select the Share tab at the top. 

Education in Video

2. You will have the option to Copy Permalink or Copy Embed Code with the CMU proxy prefix. 

Education in Video Embed Code

3. If you selected Copy Permalink, go to the D2L content page where you want to link your video and select Insert Quicklink.

4. Select URL.

5. Enter URL and Title and click Insert

Enter URL Education in Video

To link to a film in Swank Digital Campus:

1. Upon initial access to Swank, you will be asked to indicate your role. Select Instructor to be able to search for and assign films to your students as well as watch any licensed film as needed for class. 

instructor role swank

2. When you search for licensed content, take note of the date the license expires. After that date, the video won't be available unless the license is renewed.  

Click on a video thumbnail, and select Copy Direct Link from the Share tab (Note: The Copy LMS Link won't work).

Swank platform

3. Go to the D2L content page where you want to link your video, and select Insert Quicklink

Insert Quicklink Swank

4. Select URL

5. Enter URL and Title and click Insert.

Swank URL