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Best Practices for LibGuides

Checklist for Published Guides


Reviewed the Best Practices Guide

Consulted with liaison for subject area during guide creation


Followed naming conventions on the Best Practices Guide

Designated a guide Type (Course, Subject or General Purpose)


Assigned the relevant subject or subjects from the available subject category list and added any keywords that might help students find the guide when searching


Created friendly URL for the guide


Wrote text with web consumption in mind: keep it short and simple


Guide has been viewed on multiple devices to check responsiveness

Lists of links/resources are selective and ordered by relevance

(most recommended first on the list)

Tested all links


Reused content / widgets when possible

Reviewed Accessibility Guidelines


Used A-Z “Add Database” preset option instead of a link when adding databases


Added alt-text descriptions to images


Included a link to the Consult with a Library Specialist page

(This is embedded in the Blueprint guide)

Suggested Maintenance Schedule for LibGuides

Monthly (or as regularly as possible):

  • Check & correct/delete broken links caught in the link checker. (A calendar reminder can be helpful). 
  • Add links to recently added resources (databases, books, etc.) to relevant guides.
  • Remove database links to content that has been cancelled.

Twice a Year - before each semester begins:

  • Check pages of active guides to make sure that all links and embedded content still function.
  • For course guides, contact the faculty member to see if your LibGuide still supports their course assignments and curriculum. Ask for suggested updates to realign guide content with course goals.
  • Update screenshots and images - Has a database interface changed? Is the logo current? Are you using images that comply with copyright?
  • Tutorials - If you’ve made a tutorial, or are using a vendor tutorial, make sure the content and screenshots are up to date.
  • Check and update any instructions - Are steps and screenshots still current?
  • Review usage statistics: how many views did your guide(s) receive over the prior semester? For course guides, consider sharing that information with the instructor.

Yearly – Summer Break:

  • Refresh content on all guides.
  • Review usage statistics again to decide whether guides should be deleted, combined or made private. Can the content in low-use guides be reimagined as a box or added to another guide?
  • Look at your list of assets to see if you can combine or delete any.
  • Look at your guide on multiple device types (computer, tablet, smartphone) – Does it function well?  Is important content still on top/visible?
  • Consider new programs, initiatives, faculty, courses, etc. Do you need to create any new guides to provide library support?