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The minor in entrepreneurship is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to successfully operate a small business.

APA Citation Formats for Common Business Resources


Academic Search Complete:

Robie, C., Emmons, T., Tuzinski, K. A., & Kantrowitz, T. (2011). Effects of an economic recession on leader personality and

general mental ability scores. International Journal of Selection & Assessment19(2), 183-189. doi:10.1111/j.1468-


Benesh, C. (2009). Contemporary Japanese fashion. Ornament33(2), 18-19. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.

[APA wants you to use the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) when provided; then you don't name the database, nor provide its URL.]

Accounting & Tax (ProQuest):

Ferguson, Z. (2010). Is the tax holiday over for online sales? The Tax Lawyer, 63(4), 1279-1297. Retrieved from Accounting & Tax

(Proquest) database.

Georgiades, G. (2014). AICPA statement on auditing standards no. 129, amendment to statement on auditing standards no. 122

section 920, letters for underwriters and certain other requesting parties, as amended. Miller GAAS Update Service, 14(20),

1-8. Retrieved from Accounting & Tax (Proquest) database.

Annual Reports:

Wells Fargo. (2013). 2012 Annual report. Retrieved from


BizMiner. (2014). Industry financial profile (5 year): [611610.04] Dance schools and instruction: all US; sales class: industry-wide.

Retrieved January 22, 2014 from

BizMiner. (2014). Industry financial profile (5 year): [611610.04] Dance schools and instruction: Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High

Point, NC; sales class: $1 - $499,999. Retrieved January 22, 2014 from

BizMiner. (2013, June). Startup profit & loss profile (5 year version): [441228.0202] Snowmobiles, parts and accessories

retail. Retrieved January 24, 2014 from

BizMiner. (2013, June). Industry market report: [722511.0204] Vietnamese restaurants (full-service); State of North Carolina.

Retrieved January 24, 2014 from

Business Insights:

Gale Cengage Learning. (2014). Facebook, Inc. [company profile]. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from the Business Insights database.

Gale Cengage Learning. (2014). Facebook, Inc. International directory of company histories. Retrieved January 22, 2014, from the

Business Insights database.

Gale Cengage Learning. (2014). Social media. Encyclopedia of emerging industries. Retrieved January 17, 2014, from the

Business Insights database.

Miller, C.C. (2008, December 5). Twitter's dance with Facebook. New York Times, p. B6. Retrieved from the

Business Insights database.

"Top social networking sites worldwide, 2012" (2012, August 2). Investor's Business Daily. p. A4. Reproduced in Market share

reporter 2013. Retrieved from the Business Insights database.

GlobalData. (2012, November 5). Macy's, Inc. -- financial and strategic analysis review. Retrieved from the

Business Insights database.

     [This is for a SWOT analyses]

Business Source Complete:

Quittner, J. (2011, April 4). Facebook and Google encroach on banks' turf. American Banker, 176(51), 1-5. Retrieved

from Business Source Complete database.‚Äč

MarketLine. (2013, September 30). Barnes and Noble, Inc. company profile. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

MarketLine. (2013, June). Toys & games in Asia-Pacific industry profileRetrieved from Business Source Complete database.

PRS Group. (2013, November 1). Brazil country report, Political Risk YearbookRetrieved from Business Source Complete

database. Population data:

U.S. Census Bureau. (2012). Guildford County, North Carolina -- ACS demographic and housing estimates (1-Year Estimates)

[Table]. Retrieved from Economic Census:

U.S. Census Bureau. (2012). Retail trade: Geographic area series: Summary statistics for the United States, states, metro areas,

counties, and places: 2012. [Table]. Retrieved from County Business Patterns:

U.S. Census Bureau. (2012). Forsyth County, North Carolina -- 2011 county business patterns (NAICS). [Table]. Retrieved from

Checkpoint (RIA):

RIA. (2014). 2014 RIA federal tax handbook: 3703. Limited liability companies (LLCs). Retrieved from RIA Checkpoint database.

Quint, J. (2013, May/June). Applying intercompany transaction rules to partnership terminations. Journal of Corporate

Taxation. Retrieved from RIA Checkpoint database.

Commodity Codes Harmonized codes:

U.S. Census Bureau. (2013). Schedule XI-chapter 60, knitted or crocheted fabrics. Retrieved from


Commodity Codes SITC codes:

United Nations Statistical Division. (2011). SITC rev. 4 code 573.11. Retrieved from



United Nations Statistical Division. (2013). Data retrieved February 10, 2013, from

Consumer Expenditure Survey (BLS):

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012). Race of reference person: Shares of average annual expenditures and sources of income, Consumer Expenditure Survey 2012 [Table]. Retrieved from

Country Commercial Guides:
U.S. Commercial Service, Department of Commerce. (2014). Argentina. Country Commercial Guide. Retrieved from

Customs Info (Global Tariffs):
Customs Info. (2013). Tariff data for Brazil: HS 842230. Retrieved January 26, 2014 from


DemographicsNow. (2014). Income comparison for Cramerton, Kernersville, and Shelby, NC. Retrieved January 9, 2014


DemographicsNow. (2014). CEX - apparel detail summary for zip code 27101. Retrieved March 31, 2014 from


General Electric. (2013, September 30). 10-Q. Retrieved from

Entrepreneurial Studies Source:
Valentine, M. (2013, April 11). Engaging audiences with advertising etiquette. Marketing Week, 27-30. Retrieved from

Entrepreneurial Studies Source database.

MarketLine (2013, February 22). Caribou Coffee Company [company profile]. Retrieved from Entrepreneurial Studies Source


Simmons, J. (2007). GBS: My Sister's a Barista Starbucks. Marshall Cavendish Limited. Retrieved from Entrepreneurial Studies 

Source database. [For an ebook]

Euromonitor Passport GMID

Euromonitor. (2014). Consumer spending on women's footwear by country, 2007-2012 [table]. Retrieved January 22, 2013, 



Euromonitor. (2013, June 3). Retailing - Egypt . Retrieved from

Europa World:

German, R.& Taylor, E. (n.d.). Economy - Egypt. Retrieved January 10, 2014, from

Fashion Snoops:

Fashion Snoops. (2013). Men active wear design themes Fall/Winter 2013/2014. Retrieved January 11, 2014 from Fashion Snoops


General OneFile:

Socha, M. (2013, August 8).Oscar and Galliano In talks over role. WWD, 206(27), 1. Retrieved January 7, 2014, from General

OneFile database. 

GTIS: U.S. State Export Edition:

Global Trade Information Services. (2014). North Carolina exports of HS 360200. Data retrieved March 12, 2014, from

Historical Statistics of the United States:

Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Online. (2006). Female-to-male earnings ratios: 1815-1987 [Table].

Retrieved from

Margo, R. (2006). Wages and wage inequality. In Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Online. Retrieved from     [This cite is for an essay, not a table]

Hoover's (LexisNexis):

Biesada, A. (2015). Belk, Inc. Retrieved January 20, 2015 from Hoover’s Company Profile database.

[Look for the author’s name near the top right, under the phone number. Use the current year as the publication date, since the reports are updated regularly.]


IRS 990 forms (nonprofits):

Preservation Greensboro, Inc. (2012). IRS Form 990. Retrieved from

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc. (2013). IRS Form 990 Retrieved from

Legal Information Reference Center:

DelPo, A. and Guerin, L. (2010). The Manager's Legal Handbook. Berkeley: Nolo. Retrieved from Legal Information Reference

Center database.

     [You may have to look up the author yourself in Amazon or Google Books.]

LexisNexis Academic:

Morton, A. (2013, November 28). NZ: Industry teams up to research "lifestyle" wines. Just-Drinks Global News. Retrieved from

LexisNexis Academic database.

Shanghai Daily. (2013, November 12). Chinese get increasingly thirsty for Spanish wines. Retrieved from LexisNexis Academic

database. [an example of an anonymous article]

Hoover's. (2013, December 4). Apple Computer, Inc. [Hoover's company records - in-depth records]. Retrieved from LexisNexis

Academic database.

MarketLine Profiles (from Business Source Complete):

MarketLine. (2013, October 9). Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW Group) company profile. Retrieved from Business Source

Complete database.

MarketLine. (2013, March). Games consoles industry profile: France. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

Mergent Online:

Mergent. (2014). Apple Inc. company financials: income statement. Retrieved January 16, 2014 from

Mergent. (2011). Europe: Media sectors [industry report]. Retrieved January 7, 2014, from   


Hughes, B.B. (2013, March 15). Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv [fund analysis]. Retrieved from

Hottovy, R.J. (2013, October 24). Dunkin Brands Group Inc. [stock analysis]. Retrieved from

Morningstar. (2014). Ford Motor Co.: key ratios. Retrieved January 19, 2014 from

NAICS & SIC Industry Codes:

NAICS codes: 

U.S. Census Bureau. (2012). 2012 NAICS definitions: 448110, men's clothing stores. Retrieved


SIC codes:

Occupational Safety & Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. (1987). SIC description for 2251. Retrieved from

National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers:

Office of the United States Trade Representative. (2014). Brazil. National trade estimate report on foreign trade barriers. Retrieved


Occupational Employment Statistics (BLS):

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2013, May).  Occupational Employment and Wages: Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels.

Retrieved from

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2013, May). National Industry-Specific Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates: NAICS 482100

- Rail Transportation. Retrieved from

RMA eStatement Studies:

Risk Management Association. (2013). Financial ratio benchmarks for NAICS 312130. Retrieved January 31, 2014 from RMA

eStatement Studies database.


Geographic Research. (2014). Imported beer/ale: Drank in last 6 months. Mediamark data retrieved March 10, 2014, from

Geographic Research. (2014). Map based on family income : $150,000+, from Census data, downloaded March 10, 2014, from

Small Business Reference Center:

Mancuso, A. (2013). Incorporate your business. Berkeley: Nolo. Retrieved from Small Business Reference Center database. 

[For an ebook]

Miller, R.K. and Washington, K. (2013). Chapter 45: the bridal & wedding market. Retail Business Market Research Handbook, 286-

289. Retrieved from the Small Business Reference Center database. [For an industry report]

Calan, J. (2013). Long road to The Cup of Excellence. African Business, (401), 78-80. Retrieved from the Small Business

Reference Center database. [For an article]

USITC Trade Database:

United States International Trade Commission. (2014). Trade data retrieved March 11, 2014, from

Wall Street Journal (via Proquest):

Murray, S. (2013, Dec 11). Careers: GM's Barra a breakthrough --- a milestone for women, but challenges remain. Wall Street

Journal, B7. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

Web Sites:

Ford Motor Company. (2014). Sustainability. Retrieved January 10, 2014, from

[When a web page doesn't include a personal author, use the name of the company or organization instead. If you can't find such a name, use the domain name as the author, ex. for a page from, "Computrition" would be the author.]

World DataBank:

World Bank. (2014). CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita). Data retrieved March 2, 2014, from World DataBank: World

Development Indicators database.