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MATH 492: Math Senior Seminar

An introduction to conducting mathematical research with discussion of various research topics, including how to read and analyze articles in mathematics.

Manuscript and Presentation Resources for the Field of Mathematics

MLA Style (Modern Language Association)

MLA Style is commonly used in Composition courses as well as some Humanities classes. 

You can work with the MLA Style Guide (pictured on the bottom left), or with the resources provided in this guide.

You'll find basic examples of citing books, articles, web resources, and creating in-text citations.   Additional online resources are also included.


If you cannot get access to the MLA Style Guide, you can refer to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL).  Their MLA Formatting and Style Guide includes examples and instructions for citing the most common types of sources.


Green-- author (Last name, First)
Yellow--Title (italicized)
Blue -- Publisher
Red -- Date


Green-- author (Last name, first Middle Initial)
Yellow--Article Title (in quotation marks)
Blue -- Journal Title, including volume and issue numbers (italicized)
Red -- Year
Purple -- page numbers
Brown -- Database
Magenta -- URL


Green-- author (Last name, first)
Yellow--Article Title (in quotation marks)
Blue -- Website Title
Red -- Year
Magenta -- URL