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Criminal Justice Resources

For research, writing, and careers

Using the Catalog Search

One Search

Need books, articles, ebooks, dvds, print magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, streaming films, and more? Try OneSearch on the library homepage and learn how to filter your way to just what you're looking for -- even if you're not sure what that is yet. For a step-by-step introduction (with pictures) try the Searching Basics guide.

Getting started: 

  • Begin with a fairly general topic keyword in the search bar.
  • When you get your results, use the menu on the left to see the different types of resources available. Under "Source Types," choose "Books" and "Ebooks"...or "Physical items @CMU," if you are just interested in print books you can get right now.
  • It's good to start with a broad keyword when searching for books; but, if you get a lot of results, you may want to narrow things down a bit. Check the menu on the left again for "Subjects." You will see links for different keywords that are subtopics of your original search. Try opening interesting links in a new tab with a right click.
  • Shelved items may be available right away. If you wish to locate them yourself, you will need to note both the "location" and the "call number" (the book's "address" on the shelf).
  • Asking for help at one of the service desks will always get you assistance. If the item is not available and you request it, you may be asked to enter your name and card number -- this is the "408..." number on your MavCard.
  • Need more help? Always ask!


Journal Finder

If you need to browse through issues of a particular periodical -- academic journal, magazine, or newspaper -- you may want to start by putting the title in this search. Maybe your professor has told you to find any article that interests you from the journal Criminal Justice Ethics, for example, or a current article on a homeland security issue specifically from the New York Times or Newsweek Magazine. Searching this way will bring you to the name of the journal and either a location on the shelves or links to browse issues in a database.