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Water Resources

This guide compiles information on river dynamics, hydrology, groundwater and other important water-related topics.

Web Resources

Check out the following links to find artwork with Western water themes:


William Henry Jackson Jackson was a renowned 19th Century landscape photographers of the American West.  Geographically, this collection is dominated by scenery, including images of water, in the western United States and Mexico. 

-BYU Digital Collection

-Southern Methodist University Collection

Thomas Moran, a Hudson River School painter, was hired to document the landscape of the West during Ferdinand V. Hayden's 1871 Geological Survey Expedition.  Moran later accompanied Jackson on Major John Wesley Powell's expedition to the west in 1873.

Albert Bierstadt became internationally renowned for his beautiful, enormous and romanticized paintings of the newly accessible American West.  Because of Bierstadt's interest in mountain landscapes, Mount Bierstadt in Colorado is named in his honor.

Recommended Library Databases

Historical Primary Sources

Sources that are considered to be "primary" are different in historical and scientific research. 

Watch this video to learn the differences: