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RN to BSN Program (Online): Portfolios

The RN-BSN nursing program enrolls Registered Nurses with current RN licenses from associate degree and diploma programs to the baccalaureate program with advanced standing.


Electronic portfolios allow students to creatively showcase their work and reflect on their short-term and long-term learning.

Use this page to help you generate ideas for your eportfolio.  In general you should:

  1. Pick a theme that works for you
  2. Use (good) images
  3. Fill it with your best content
  4. Keep it up to date
  5. Connect via Social Media platforms

Tips from Billy Meinke

Colors & Images

Design Tip

- Use either dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background. The human eye needs contrast to help it determine shapes such as letters. If you do not follow this tip you will end up with text that looks like this or like this

- The background colour, text colour and images you choose all create a tone for your website. Think about the impression you wish to create when you are creating your ePortfolio.


Design Considerations

Here are some guidelines for making your website look professional:

  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Use sentence case for full sentences
    • do not use all lowercase letters

  • If you use images:
    • choose ones which relate to the content of your site
    • images of yourself should depict how you would like to be seen by your employer (i.e. pics of table dancing in Mazatlan may work for facebook, but not here!)
    • images you did not create should be cited with the creator and the source (exceptions: ClipArt collections which state that you can use their images for free without citation (e.g. Microsoft ClipArt)
  • Include some form of contact information

  • Choose a theme which reflects your professionalism
    • your ePortfolio should reflect your personal, professional style
    • you want a design and colour scheme that you like
    • you want to avoid designs which detract from the professional image you are trying to portray


    Tips from Cherie Bronker at Kent State

Fonts & Readability

There are many, many, many rules about web design. Use these few basic guidelines to make your portfolio easy to read and  navigate.

Design Tip

  • Use a font that is easy to read. There are lots of fancy fonts out there, but not all of them are easy to read.

Design Tip

  • Be kind to your readers' eyes and use at least a 10 or 12 point font.

Personal or Philosophy Statements

Writing personal philosophy statements can be difficult!  Here are some links and books for advice:

Tips and Pitfalls from OWL

Writing Reflections

You should talk about how well you met your/your professor's expectations; and be sure to include both your strengths and weaknesses.

Ideas for reflection could inculde:

- method for addressing the assignment

- rationale for addressing it in this manner

- analysis of the successes and failures in addressing the assignment

- ideas for improvement in the future.