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A Film Research Guide

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Finding Films

The simplist way to find films in Tomlinson Library's collection is to do a keyword search for the title, director, subject or other terms, plus the word videorecording.  The results will include DVDs or links to streaming access.  Examples:

  • Fellini and videorecording
  • "The Bicycle Thief" and videorecording
  • noir and videorecording

Finding books about film

The subject heading for books on Film Studies in the library catalog is MOTION PICTURES.  Similarly, the movie business is called the motion picture industry, and screenplays are motion picture plays.  Using these subject headings in your search can help find materials more effectively. 

Prospector shared catalog

Prospector is a shared catalog of the major libraries in Colorado and Wyoming, providing access to over 30 million items.  Use the "Request It" button to request materials for delivery to Tomlinson Library (usually within 3-5 business days).

Selected Films and Books on Film at CMU