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2022 Election Information

Amendments and Propositions on the 2020 Ballot

Ballot Measure Information

Amendments and Propositions on the 2022 Ballot

Ballot Information Booklet (Blue Book)


Individual Propositions and Amendments

Amendment D        Designate Judges to Twenty-Third Judicial District


Amendment E         Homestead Exemption to Surviving Spouses of U.S. Armed Forces Members and Veterans,_Homestead_Exemption_to_Surviving_Spouses_of_U.S._Armed_Forces_Members_and_Veterans_Measure_(2022)

Amendment F         Charitable Gaming Operations,_Charitable_Gaming_Measure_(2022)

Proposition FF         Reduce Income Tax Deduction Amounts to Fund School Meals Program,_Reduce_Income_Tax_Deduction_Amounts_to_Fund_School_Meals_Program_Measure_(2022)

Proposition GG       Include Income Tax Effects in Initiative Ballot Language,_Include_Income_Tax_Effects_in_Initiative_Ballot_Language_Measure_(2022)

Proposition 121      State Income Tax Rate Reduction Initiative,_State_Income_Tax_Rate_Reduction_Initiative_(2022)

Proposition 122      Decriminalization and Regulated Access Program for Certain Psychedelic Plants and Fungi Initiative,_Decriminalization_and_Regulated_Access_Program_for_Certain_Psychedelic_Plants_and_Fungi_Initiative_(2022)

Proposition 123      Dedicate State Income Tax Revenue to Fund Housing Projects Initiative,_Dedicate_State_Income_Tax_Revenue_to_Fund_Housing_Projects_Initiative_(2022)

Proposition 124      Retail Liquor Store Licenses Initiative,_Retail_Liquor_Store_Licenses_Initiative_(2022)

Proposition 125      Wine Sales in Grocery and Convenience Stores Initiative,_Wine_Sales_in_Grocery_and_Convenience_Stores_Initiative_(2022)

Proposition 126      Alcohol Delivery Service Initiative,_Alcohol_Delivery_Service_Initiative_(2022)

County Ballot Measures

Mesa County – 1A   Use of excess capital funds for TABOR refunds

Municipal Ballot Measures   

City of Grand Junction – 2A    Increase the lodging tax by 1%

City of Grand Junction – 2B    Adopt an excise tax on short term rental accommodations of 8%

City of Grand Junction – 2C    Amend Article XIV, Section 124 of the City Charter to allow lease terms up to 99 years for land used for affordable housing.

Town of Palisade – 2D    Increase the lodging tax from $2/day to $6/day