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BIOL 418: Wildlife Management

Search Tips

1. Go to your most relevant source and look for subject terms or keywords listed near the introduction. Click on them to initiate a search of articles that use those terms. (In Science Direct, highlight a word to create a "search" option.)

2. On Biological Abstracts, use the "method & equipment" field to search for similar experiments. You can try to find similar studies done on other organisms by switching fields to "organism" or "super taxa"


3. Try switching one of more of your fields to subject instead of keyword to find more relevant searches


4. Look at the sources cited in the introduction or literature review of your most relevant article. Click on the links to the sources that are cited there, and see if they lead to any other useful research.


5. If you need to narrow your results, add more “and” and "not" fields in your search. If you need to widen, add “OR” fields.


6. Speak to your professor or a librarian if you feel stuck– they can help you figure out if you should expand, narrow, or refocus your search.