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BIOL 418: Wildlife Management

Helpful writing resources:

Specific details regarding scientific writing from Vanderbilt Library: Look here for examples of scientific grammar, including a style guide for correctly formatting scientific names. 

Ten Simple Rules to Reading a Scientific Paper from PLoS Computation Biology: Look here for a framework of questions to consider when reading scientific research.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Source by North Carolina State University Libraries: Look here for a breakdown of what information you should include in each section of your paper.

There's a Dictionary for That!

A Dictionary of Ecology

Subjects include plant and animal physiology, animal behaviour, evolution, environmental pollution and conservation, climatology and meteorology, geomorphology, and oceanography. 

Dictionary of Agriculture and Land Management

This dictionary covers both agriculture and land management, including animals and crops, farm machinery and systems, estate management, forestry and woodland, the environment, and rural recreation. It addresses the increasing overlap between agricultural sectors and the demands of the management of rural land and property.

A dictionary of biology

"This new eighth edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent progress in the fields of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry, with particular expansion to the areas of ecology, cell biology, and plant and animal development. Over 150 new entries include de-extinction, ecological footprint, rewilding, and Zika virus. Numerous appendices include classifications of the animal and plant kingdoms, SI units, Nobel prizewinners, and a new appendix on anatomical terms"--Publisher.

A Dictionary of Plant Sciences

This new fourth edition has been completely revised and updated, covering all aspects in the field of plant sciences including biochemistry, plant physiology, cytology, ecology, genetics, evolution, biogeography, earth history, and earth sciences. Over 600 new entries, including Rosales, physical dormancy, menthol, and codeine, enhance the dictionary's coverage of botanical terms, key drugs and medicines derived from plants, and plant orders, families, and genera. It also explains many ecological terms, and expands beyond plants to describe fungi and bacteria and how they affect plants.