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MARK 332: Promotion

Overview of the many ways in which goods, services, and ideas can be promoted to consumers and businesses through advertising, public relations, and publicity.

Market Analysis Resources

Industry overviews include: 

  • a brief history of the industry,
  • information regarding factors that affect that industry's growth,
  • details on government regulations within the industry, and
  • takes note of leading businesses in the industry

Additional valuable industry content you might include:

  • What's the estimated size of the industry, in dollars? In products/services sold?
  • Have there been trends in sales over recent years?
  • What are the current operations/management trends within the industry?
  • What types of marketing strategies are prevalent within the industry?
  • Is this industry seasonal?
  • What is the impact of economic fluctuations on the industry? (How economically sensitive is it)?

>> Business Analysis AND Geographic Information Systems Data <<

ArcGIS Online (Email Laureen --> <-- to get an account!)

** Look for  >> bao.arcgis << on the Gallery page! **

App to consider for this project AND other business classes: BAO Mobile

(BAO = Business Analyst Online) >> for iOS ... for Android ...  

>> Other local analysis resource options <<


Other resources: This no-frills data-driven site provides access to a full range of official statistical information produced by the federal government without having to know in advance which federal agency produces which particular statistic. Data is available on wide-ranging topics, including economic and population trends, crime, education, health care, aviation safety, energy use, and farm production.