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NURS 301: Medical Surgical Process: Databases

Care of individuals and families experiencing deviations from usual levels of wellness from onset to resolution.

CMU Nursing Databases

CMU Nursing Databases

Inter-Library Loan for Articles

Why limit your options?

If the CMU Library does not have what you need, the Inter-Library Loan Department obtains articles, borrows books, music, movies, or documentaries for you.  Take advantage of this popular and valuable service for faculty, staff and students.  It's fast, easy and free!

Place a new request, check on the status of an existing request or retrieve your article through hereArticles are easily retrieved from your desktop, tablet or smart device. 

Becky Bernal, Resource Sharing Coordinator, or Reference Librarians are available to answer any questions you have. Please see our Interlibrary Loan page for further information.