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NURS 301: Medical Surgical Process: Evaluate Web Pages

Care of individuals and families experiencing deviations from usual levels of wellness from onset to resolution.

Bertrand Russell

"The net result is to substitute articulate hesitation for inarticulate certainty."

Why Information Quality Matters Web page that documents incidents that involve false or fraudulent information.

Things to consider

  • Authorship -- Who wrote the page?  What are the author's credentials on the subject?
  • Currency -- Is there a date of publication?  Is the page dated?
  • Publishing body -- Is there an organization name?  Is it suitable to the topic at hand?  Is the Web page part of an official Web site?
  • Bias -- When considering who provided the information, question if there may be a bias.
  • Place within the literature -- What does the author know about the discipline?  Is there a bibliography?  What kind of sources are cited?  Does the author know about prominent schools of thought about the discipline?