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Sharing Library Resources In D2L

This guide provides techniques and tools for sharing content from some of our databases.

Embedding Films on Demand in D2L

To embed a film from Films on Demand:

1. Go to the D2L content page where you want to embed your video, and click Edit HTML in the drop-down menu.

2. Click on the icon to the farthest left, Insert Stuff

3. Scroll down to select Films on Demand, then search for the video in the search box. 

Step 3 Video

4. You can filter your results by subject, type, producer, language...etc. 

Step 4 video

5. You can preview the videos in the same box. When you are ready, select Embed and select the size. 

6. If prompted, select Allow to unblock the content.

Step 6 Video

7. Select Insert to embed the video into your course. 

Step 7

8. The video thumbnail will appear in D2L.

Step 8 video


Linking to Films on Demand

To link a film from Films on Demand:

1. Go to Films on Demand. Find the video you want, and click on the Share link.

Linking to Films On Demand 1

2. Select the Embed/Link tab and copy the Record URL with the CMU proxy prefix.

Linking to Films On Demand 2

3. Go to the D2L content page where you want to link your video, and select Insert Quicklink.

3. Select URL from the dropdown list. Enter URL and Title and click Insert